wtf meow........

  • Call me Vris, please!!!!!!!!

  • Mollygender, She/Her & Pur/Purr

  • 9/12, Minor, UTC-4, Vircer rogue

  • Natively ENG, learning RUS

  • Taken by Kaye!

  • I often use a typing quirk

  • Commissions: Closed!

  • Art Trades: Open!

  • Requests: Open to friends!

My name's Vris! I'm a lesbian Digital Artist and Chiptune Composer with ADHD. I'm mainly looking to share my passion with others and maybe make some friends too! Fandoms I'm in + my kinlist can be found here if you're curious! If my typing quirk bothers you, feel free to ask me to not use it around you.
Have any questions for me?

My IRLs / Kins:

  • Vriska Serket

  • Kanaya Maryam

  • Roxanne Wolf

  • Wammawink

  • Princess Tiabeanie

Fandoms I'm In:

  • Homestuck

  • Minecraft

  • Spyro (All Games)

  • Celeste

  • Hiveswap

  • Pokemon

  • Deltarune

  • Centaurworld

  • Disenchantment

  • Animal Crossing

  • Dolleye

  • No Straight Roads

  • My Little Pony

  • FNAF: Security Breach

  • Undertale

Multiplayer Games I play:

  • Minecraft Java Edition

  • ArtFight (X)

  • Flight Rising (X)

  • Roblox (X)

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  • Pokemon Moon

  • OSU! (X)

I'll be looking into soon:

  • Dangonrompa

  • Amphibia

  • Omori

  • Warrior Cats

  • Wings of Fire

  • Hollow Knight

  • Sonic

If any account not linked here is claiming to be me, please let me know via Tumblr or Twitter!!!!!!!!